Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists have lost their jobs or have been left without a stable income. AMP, one of South Africa’s premium live music event promoters, has partnered with Netcash to support local artists by hosting intimate virtual lounge sessions where leading musicians perform for corporate audiences. These online experiences offer audiences an opportunity to hear performances by their favourite local music artists while creating an additional source of income for musicians.
We’re passionate music fans and supporters of South African musicians at Netcash. Our Netcash Lounge Sessions have been a great way to create wonderful, shared memories for our team. Until we can safely go back to live events again, supporting virtual events is a great way for businesses to keep the flame of South African music alive and continue to support our local music industry.

Charles Pittaway, Netcash MD

Artist Feedback and Previous Netcash Lounge Session Performers

I can’t express enough how awesome and important doing these shows was. Not only did they give me some income during difficult times, but they also gave me an appreciation for art and human interaction. Even through a screen, it does powerful things – not only through the creator of the art, but to the recipients too. We need more initiatives like this, especially now, to help artists and to uplift people’s spirits.

Majozi, Singer and Song Writer

There are a few people I absolutely love working with in the South African music industry and Andy is one of them. Working with him to craft one-of-a-kind online events at this unique time in history has been a gift and a pleasure. It further demonstrates the asset Andy is to our industry.

Donovan Copley, Hot Water

At the end of 2019, as I was preparing for a three-month European theatre tour, little did I know what was coming. Having no gigs to look forward to and a world that had completely turned upside down, left my entertainment industry colleagues and I in a challenging state. It takes initiatives, like this one from Netcash, to give a sense of hope to the entertainment community. Without their input I might have put down my guitar and given up. We had some incredible shows with Netcash and AMP, which left everyone feeling positive about the future. Their support to the musicians has been a saving grace during these extremely tough times.

Richard Brokensha, Musician

Ard Matthews

Richard Stirton

Aston Wylie

Carla Louw


Paige Mac


Werner Bekker

Jethro Tait

Diamond Thug

Early B

Matthew Mole

Richard Brokensha

Ross Learmonth

Donovan Copley Hot Water Band

Francois van Coke

These online events have been a fulfilling way to help my musician friends during these times. The format works extremely well, letting the audience see and experience a different side of their favourite artists, who may be playing out of their lounge or home studio. They not only get to hear great live music, but also to interact with the artists and get to know them a little better. The intimacy of the shows is something special that people will always remember.

Andrew Mac Pherson, AMP Founder

If you are interested in any of the above artists or have a preferred artist in mind, kindly fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.