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JustSolve is not a software factory, but a small and committed team of creative individuals. They value long-term sustainable partnerships with our clients, so they are truly there with you every step of the way.

JIL enables their clients to quickly and easily integrate payment and collection services without any hassle saving both time and money.

Key Features


Netcash Debt Orders are automatically created and reconciled.

Create single or batched transactions.

Manage transactions.


Reconcile transactions.

Payment allocation and collections.

Netcash Statement Integration, saving time reconciling transactions.

Get paid

Once off payment services through Netcash Pay Now solutions
Recurring debit orders.

Integrity & Risk

Verify your customers in real-time with Bank account verification.

Their white labelled eMandate service tracks and stores a 5 point verified debit order mandate in case of a dispute.


Easy integration.

Quick time to market.

Send data to any system or ERP solution.

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The History

JustSolve provides payment and collections services, including a white labelled eMandate service, through “JIL” (JustSolve Integration Layer) which allows them to enable any Netcash service for any client, cross industry. They can also assist you with Netcash enabled custom shopping carts and bespoke web & mobile development.

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