Shop With Leads Campaign Terms and Conditions:

R500 Takealot Vouchers will be issued for Netcash referrals as detailed below:

  • Vouchers will be paid to NEW qualified leads only. The definition of a qualified lead is a new lead that we have not received before. This means that we have not quoted, contacted or dealt with this client in the past.
  • The voucher is payable after the 3rd month invoice is paid.
  • A lead logged as part of this campaign needs to convert to an Active processing account within 90 days.
  • Netcash has the right to disqualify leads that do not process valid transactions.
  • This campaign is applicable to leads received and qualified from 01 October 2019.
  • Leads must be submitted via the Netcash Shop with Leads website.
  • The Company that you refer must be in the market for a Netcash service and must be aware that our sales division will be contacting them. This must be a self-generated lead and the contact form is to be completed in full.
  • The campaign and the relevant vouchers are not applicable to any Netcash colleagues and immediate family members.
  • Existing clients, Netcash Business Partners, advisors and referral partners are required to log their leads via the Log A Lead programme and are thus excluded from the Shop with Leads programme.
  • Campaign is subject to change or end without notice.
  • Under no circumstances will Netcash (or its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies) be liable for losses, damages, costs or expenses arising from any way connected with any errors, defects, interruptions, malfunctions or delays in the promotion of the vouchers.