Scan to Pay

Accept contactless payment from multiple apps with the scan of a single QR code

What are QR payments?

QR (Quick Response) allows contactless payment to be made directly to your Netcash account by scanning a static code that is displayed at your business or on your smartphone. Confirmation of payment is sent to you via email / SMS.

The following payment options are accepted:

Scan to Pay banks and apps integrated

Why use QR payments?

scan to pay convenient


Your customers no longer need to have cash available and they can pay the exact amount required. All payments are made from their mobile phone, directly into your Netcash account.

scan to pay secure


Digital wallet users do not expose their cards to skimmers thereby eliminating fraud.

scan to pay stand


Carry your QR code wherever you go for fast, easy payment.

What makes QR code different

scan to pay QR

Single QR

Multiple wallets and banking apps can scan a single Netcash QR code.

scan to pay tracking


Each branch or till point can have its own QR code to track payment receipt at point of sale.

scan to pay management


You can set up your own sub-accounts on your Netcash profile to separate receipts from different origins such as branches, outlets or registration points.

scan to pay reconciliation


QR payment receipts are included in your Netcash statement for easy reconciliation.

Netcash offers multiple QR display options for payment

Set up is quick and easy, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Starter pack includes:

• Instructions
• 1 Wobbler
• 3 Stickers
• 2 QR stand inserts
• 1 Perspex stand

Scan to Pay starter kit

Display your QR code anywhere:

scan to pay print


Display on counter tops, windows and till points.

Bill presentation

Easily display QR for payments on quotes, invoices, statements or till slips.
Mobile scan to Pay

Mobile App

Generate QR on your Netcash App and allow customers an easy Scan to Pay option.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to receive the activation pack?

Allow for 2 business days for Cape Town deliveries and 3 business days for national delivery.

How many activation packs can I order?

There is no limit, although courier fees are charged per kit.

How many Pay Points could I create on the account?

There is no limit to the number of Pay Points.

How would I be informed of a successful transaction?

Successful transaction are confirmed via email and SMS.

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