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Grow your conversions and drive business growth by offering your customers 20 payment methods to choose from. No matter your industry and market, with Netcash you can provide your customers with their favourite South African payment options. More choice means faster checkouts, fewer abandoned carts, and more sales for your business.

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Can I choose which payment methods are available?
Yes, you can set which payment methods are shown to your customers in your Netcash account. Login to customise your Netcash Payment Gateway settings.
What does it cost to use each payment method?
Each payment method has a set transaction fee. We offer competitive rates for all clients. Depending on the volume and value of transactions your business processes, you may be eligible for a custom quotation. Chat to us for our latest rates and to discuss your business’s needs.
Can I customise the payment gateway?
Yes, you can add your logo and select the payment methods you want to make available to your clients. Set this up in your Netcash account, or chat to us for more information.
Is there a minimum value set for payment methods?
Yes, some payment methods require a minimum value in order to appear and be available for use on the payment gateway. Chat to us about your needs.
A payment method I need is not available. How can I add it?
We are constantly adding new payment methods to meet our clients’ needs. Chat to us about the ones you’d like to add.

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