Free up working capital and improve your cash flow

Don’t let cash flow hold your business back. Netcash’s Flexible Business Funding service is a powerful tool that helps you leverage your income in your Netcash account. 
Access funds faster, gain greater flexibility to invest in new opportunities, bridge cash flow gaps, and manage unexpected expenses with ease. Focus on what matters most, growing your business with the financial freedom our funding service provides.

We offer two funding options:

Advance Settlements

Ideal for short-term needs, this allows you to access funds from a specific debit order batch before its processing date. Advance Settlements are available to Netcash clients using the Debit Order collections service.

Instant Funding

In partnership with Retail Capital, Netcash clients can access business funding to be repaid over a longer term. Instant Funding is available to Netcash clients who have been processing Debit Orders and Payments with us for at least 3 months.

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Chat to us as a new business, or use your Netcash account to enquire about your funding options.

Advance Settlements

Helping you to manage cash flow challenges 

Advance Settlements is a convenient solution for accessing funds earlier. No need to wait for processing cycles! You can now unlock the potential of your upcoming debit order collections sooner. Now you can access funds for your authorised debit order batches scheduled for processing within the next 15 days, allowing you to seamlessly manage your cash flow and optimise business operations.   

Access your funds earlier

Streamlined Experience

1. Load and authorise your debit order batch.

2. Click on “Request” within the Advance Settlements section.

3. Enter the desired advanced amount.

4. Click “Submit” to complete your request.

Unlock the power of Advance Settlements for your business

Chat to us as a new business, or use your Netcash account to enquire about your funding options.

Instant Funding

Netcash and Retail Capital have partnered to bring you Instant Funding.

The flexibility of an Instant Funding offer is in your hands. You can decide on what amount is required as well as the payment term best suited to your business.
By accepting your Instant Funding offer, you agree to the funds being paid into your Netcash account.

To qualify for Instant Funding, you would need to:

Flexible Funding for your business

Effortless Application Process

1.  Select the required amount.

2. Choose the payment term.

3. View your payment details.

4. Submit your application.

Retail Capital, your trusted partner in SME funding

Over the past decade, Retail Capital have partnered with over 70 000 SMEs providing funding of more than R10 billion over the past decade. As the market leaders in business funding, they have provided the industry with innovative, flexible, and convenient alternatives to traditional loans. Visit their website to find out more:

Business is the lifeblood of the economy and Small and Medium Businesses are the Growth Engine for the future, employing the most people and growing faster than Large Businesses. It is vital they have the resources and the skills to grow. At Retail Capital, we partner to provide funding and support services to benefit South Africa.

Karl Westvig – Retail Capital Founder & CEO

Unlock your cash flow today

Chat to us as a new business, or use your Netcash account to enquire about your funding options.


I’m a new Netcash client. Can I get access to business funding?
Yes, you can access business funding options after you have been a client for at least 3 months, and using our Debit Order service. There may be additional requirements depending the funding option chosen (Advance Settlements or Instant Funding).Chat to your account manager for more information.
Does my business need to pay interest on Instant Funding with Retail Capital?
No, Retail Capital charges a fixed fee on its funding and does not charge interest; this will be detailed in the agreement terms when the funding is provided.
Does my business need to provide surety or collateral when using Business Funding options?
Neither Instant Funding nor Advance Settlements require any additional surety or collateral.
How do I access the funds for my business provided by Retail Capital?
Once the agreement is concluded and approved by Retail Capital, they will transfer the agreed amount of funds into your Netcash account. From here, you can make salary or creditor payments through Netcash’s payment services, or withdraw funds to your business’s bank account.
How much funding can I access with Instant Funding and Retail Capital?
The amount is dependent on your business’s monthly revenue figures, among other factors. Amounts range from R5000 upward. Chat to your account manager about the funding options you are eligible for.
How much funding can I access with Advance Settlements?
This depends on the value of the Debit Order batch you are processing, and other factors on your Netcash account. Chat to your account manager for more details.
Can I make use of all business funding options?
You can only use one funding option at a time. Chat to your account manager about which option is best suited to your business.

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