Reduce disputes and enhance customer trust with DebiCheck

DebiCheck is a debit order collection system that requires the customer (bank account holder) to give explicit permission for a debit order to be processed. Unlike standard debit orders, this is done electronically via their bank, before any debit order can be processed.

This drastically reduces the risk of debit order disputes and complaints to your business, while increasing your customers’ trust in the agreement they have approved.

DebiCheck does not replace Same-day and Dated debit orders, but can be used as an alternative. Using DebiCheck means that you gain pre-authentication from your customers, preferential presentation of the debit order by the bank, and can proactively decrease unpaids each month, by tracking bank accounts over a period. 


Level up your debit orders with DebiCheck

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How does DebiCheck work?

DebiCheck works for consumers, ensuring agreements are kept, fraud and disputes are reduced, and trust is won. 

Here is what the DebiCheck process will look like:

The Business' Journey:

The Customers Journey:

Business & Customer Journey

  • Signs up for a new gym membership, insurance policy, retail account, or phone contract.
  • Captures or upload: - Electronic mandates with authentication requests, or - DebiCheck authentication details, or - DebiCheck authentication requests in their Netcash account.
  • Submits an authentication request to the customers’ bank via: Real-Time (TT1): For an immediate notification to the customer, providing a response time of 120 seconds to 1 day. Or, Batch (TT2): For grouping requests to multiple clients, sent out at once. The response time is up to 2 days.
  • Receives a notification from their bank to authenticate a new DebiCheck request via their banking app, USSD, ATM or branch.
  • Confirms the details of the agreement and approves or declines the DebiCheck request. Result is sent back to Netcash.
  • If approved, the agreed amount is debited on the payment date, and paid to the business.

Improve your collections with DebiCheck

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If the client selects “No” to any changes to the amount, can they come back and change it on the authentication.
There is no option to edit the authentication. A new mandate needs to be completed and resubmitted.
Can clients dispute DebiCheck mandates?
Your client will only be able to dispute the DebiCheck debit order if the amount or date of the debit order differs from what they accepted (authenticated). Should you debit your client without authentication (in the case of Registered Mandate Service) they will be able to dispute your authority to debit and reverse the debit.
Can I resend an authentication?
Yes, Netcash provides this functionality. Login to your Netcash account, and go to the DebiCheck container in the Masterfile, and click on the circling arrow icon next to the contract you want to resend. This will resend the authentication to this specific client.
What happens if the client does not approve or decline the authentication request?
When a request from the bank to the customer to approve a mandate is not actioned by the customer, and the request expires, you can register a “RMS Mandate” (Registered Mandate Service) on the customer’s account with the same detail as agreed in the contract. When an RMS Mandate is registered, the customer will not be required to authenticate the mandate, however they will be able to dispute or suspend (place a stop payment) against the mandate.
Once the client has authenticated the debit order, what are the cut off times for DebiCheck batches to be submitted to Netcash?
There are no Two-day or Same-day batches with DebiCheck, and there is only one cut-off time. There must be one working day between authorizing the batch and the processing date. For example: if a batch is authorized on Wednesday (by midnight), the processing day will be Friday.
Do standard rules apply for RMS? Will the bank allow you to process the transaction if there was no response to the RMS?
RMS (Registered Mandate Service) authentications will occur once the authentication has not received a response. This conversion to an RMS happens once feedback is received from the bank and no response given.
Can RMS transactions be disputed?
Yes, as RMS is not an authenticated debit order.
Is the debit order amount mandatory?
Yes, there must always be an amount on the authentication.
What are valid action dates?
Monday to Saturday.
Which days are valid tracking days?
Monday to Sunday.

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