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Netcash’s salary payments service integrates seamlessly with multiple payroll software providers, making payments a simple, secure, and effortless process.
No matter the bank or number of payments, you have peace of mind knowing that everyone will be paid on time.

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Why use Netcash for Salary Payments?

For a business to transfer their entire salary bill into a company’s account, they must be trustworthy. Given Netcash’s experience, history and endorsement by the major banks, I believe they are payment leaders in South Africa.

Anton van Heerden Managing Director | DNA Outsourcing

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Netcash integrates with popular payroll software

We’ve integrated with payroll software providers to deliver market-leading salary payment services. Say goodbye to risky emailing of payment files - simply connect your Netcash account with your existing payroll software to save time, increase accuracy and mitigate risk.

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Can I make salary payments to employees?
Yes, our salary payments service can be used directly via your Netcash account or through integrations with various payroll software providers. You simply upload your payments file to Netcash, select the payments service (Same Day or Dated service) you’d like to use, and follow the process to load the payments for processing. Regardless of where your employees bank, they will be paid on the same day, at the same time. Chat to us about your needs.
Can I schedule recurring salary payments?
While you can schedule separate payment batches up to 4 months in advance of when they will be paid, you are not able to schedule a single, recurring salary payment batch each month for example. This is because of the varying nature of a company’s payroll - anything could change per employee from month to month such as bank account details, payment amount, employment status, etc. Chat to us for more information.
How many authorisers do I need to set for a payment batch?
You can set any number of users on your Netcash account as an authoriser. Get in touch with your account manager to set this up.
What are the cut off times for salary payments?
Payment Cut-Off Times
  • Same day payments batch
    • Funds will be available in the beneficiaries bank account the next day, value-dated for the (same day) payment date.
    • The processing cut-off time is 13h00 on the payment day.
    • Valid payment dates are Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
  • Dated payments batch
    • All payments are reflected in all accounts on the payment day.
    • Processing cut-off time is 13h00 one business day before payment day and 13h00 on Friday for Saturday and Monday’s batches.
    • Valid payment dates are Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays).
What software is integrated with Netcash for salary payments?
Netcash is integrated with a number of payroll and accounting software providers. You can view the full list here.

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