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Vanlla Payroll CC – Cutting edge payroll software with the human touch.

Vanilla Payroll offers not only a superior software product, but also services that go beyond payroll. Combine this with a focus on customer service, and you will experience a full package deal that will catapult your business operations to the next level. With free software support included in the purchase price, which caters to all sizes of businesses – you would find yourself hard pressed to match this offer. Furthermore, you can tailor make your package to suit your budget, while our value for money and affordability will secure our relationship for years to come.

Key features

All bank account details entered into the software or imported in bulk will be validated to ensure that all employees payments will be accepted and processed on payday. No last minute rejects.

Salary Payments
Save time and increase accuracy by transferring your salary batches directly from Vanilla Payroll to your Netcash account.

All payments are sent directly via a secure link to Netcash which means sensitive information is not exposed outside of the payroll software. Netcash will always receive the correct batch as there is no human intervention required.

Upload reports
Once a salary batch has been sent to Netcash, Vanilla Payroll will display the Netcash load report detailing transactions sent and any that may have been rejected on load. You always know what’s going on.

Integrated to:

Salary Payments

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The history of Vanilla Payroll

Vanilla Payroll is a fully streamlined payroll operation. Offering a one-stop shop for all your wage and administration requirements, from PAYE to UIF, SDL and Workmen’s Compensation and monthly payroll reporting, this software with built-in intelligence can manage it all – and so much more.

Benefits of using an integrated Payroll solution:

Save Time

By using bank account validation, you will avoid unnecessary last-minute rejections when processing payments. Have the peace of mind that all payments will be accepted by the banks on payday.

Extra Security

To ensure that your account is more secure, you are able to dictate the levels of access, the number of authorisers per payment batch, and use One Time Pins (OTPs) or 2 Factor authentication to authorise payments.

Greater Felxibility

With our Dated Payments service all your payroll payments reflect on the employees accounts on the same date at the same time, irrespective of where the bank account is held.

Be in control

Extensive reporting including statements, batch, and audit reports, as well as payment notifications, ensure you are kept in the loop of all payment aspects.

Increased Accuracy

Accuracy is of utmost importance when making payments, which is why we ensure that you pay the correct bank account every time by using our bank account verification service.