Netcash Converter

The new Netcash Converter is the fast, easy and safe way to convert and upload all your Payment and Collection batches to Netcash.

Import with ease

The Netcash Converter allows you to convert your data into a Netcash file format suitable for uploading to your Netcash account. Imported data will display any errors and allow for bulk amendments or individual editing. Volume of transactions and total batch value is displayed for easy comparison to original data. A single click is required to upload your file, ready for authorisation online in your Netcash account or from within the converter.

Safe and secure

Once your Netcash credentials have been inserted into the converter , they are securely stored on your local device in an encrypted database. This allows you to securely login to your Netcash account from within the converter – no need to access via your browser.

Custom templates

Create upload templates for any of your current batch files. The flexibility of the Netcash Converter allows for importing of Microsoft Excel (.xls/.xlsx), Delimited CSV (.csv) as well as text (.txt) files. Templates are simple and easy to create and there is no restriction on the number of templates created, allowing for easy access and uploading from multiple sources and formats.

“The Netcash Converter is so easy to use. What used to take 2 hours of work is now done within a few seconds!”

Engela van den Berg | KGA Life

Download the Netcash Converter for Free!

Included in your converter are the following services:

  • Validation of bank account numbers according to each bank’s validation rules
  • Account Verification service (bulk uploads)– check ID number to bank account to verify owner
  • Payment file uploads
  • Debit order file uploads
  • Pay Now – Payment request file
  • Netcash statement download – choose your export format
  • Unlimited Netcash accounts and sub accounts
  • Securely access to your Netcash account from within your Netcash Converter
  • Unrestricted number of installations/PC’s
Netcash Converter Example

Quick Start Guides

If you have already downloaded the Netcash Converter read the quick start guide on how to use it.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can install the converter on as many computers as you like. It is free to install. No hidden costs.

Netcash Converter works by importing a data set in any of the following formats

  •  Microsoft Excel 2007 (or later) .xls / .xlsx
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 (or later) .csv
  • Flat / Text files .txt

The converter will create and securely transmit the following file formats:

  • Netcash Debit Orders
  • Netcash Salary Payments
  • Netcash Creditor Payments
  • Netcash Bank Account Verification
  • Netcash Validation Files
  • Netcash Masterfile Updates
  • Netcash Statement download in any layout you require

The Netcash Converter does not support the transmission of any card (Debit / Credit Card) data due to PCI regulations -and compliance.

The converter uses the latest security standards and SSL secured (https://) web service protocols to transfer data. Your Netcash system -and service key details are stored locally on your PC, in an encrypted database file and can be reset at any time.

Support is available in writing to or by dialing 0861 338 338 during ordinary business hours. Please include detailed specifics -and where possible a screenshot of the issue you might encounter.

We are constantly updating the Netcash Converter as new services and technology becomes available. Although this should never affect your current version; you are welcome to update of your current software to the latest version directly from our website.

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