Simplify operations with Split Payments

Reduce admin and streamline your payment operations with Split Payments. The ideal solution for commission-based sales, eventing, wholesale and affiliate agreements, with Split Payments you can instantly split out a portion of your sales to a third-party. Split Payments are available to use with almost all Netcash payment methods, between Netcash accounts.

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How Split Payments work

Benefits of Split Payments

Take your business to the next level with Split Payments. There are unlimited business applications and financial benefits of Split Payments.

Improve efficiencies with Split Payments

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How can I set up Split Payments?
Split Payments can be set up via the Netcash API. Chat to us about your integration needs.
Can I Split Payments with an external account?
Split Payments can occur between two Netcash accounts, your own, and a third party’s. If the third-party you are splitting payments with is not a Netcash client, they can register for an account in order to receive payment.
Which payment methods work with Split Payments?
Almost all payment methods can facilitate Split Payments. Credit or debit card, Scan to Pay, Instant EFT, Bank EFT, and Retail Payments all support split amounts.
Are Split Payments secure?
Yes, Split Payments are facilitated through our secure and PCI compliant Netcash Payment Gateway environment, and funds are securely held in your Netcash merchant account.
What amount can I set for Split Payments?
You can set any amount for the portion of the payment you need to split out. This can be a percentage or Rand-value amount, or a combination of both.

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