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Paying suppliers can be time-consuming and admin intensive. Netcash provides you with a single, secure account to make all of your business payments. Integrate Netcash with your existing accounting or billing software to make creditor payments more efficient than ever before. 

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Why use Netcash for Creditor Payments?

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Streamline your payments to public entities like municipalities, SARS and payroll suppliers with easy integration into your existing creditor batches. If you’re making a single payment or processing a large batch, our system simplifies the process of paying Public Beneficiaries.

No need to submit bank account details when making payments to Public Recipients. Simply select a public recipient from our pre-determined list and have confidence that your payments will reach the right place quickly and securely. 

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Simplify your creditor payments with Netcash.

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What is the difference between Dated and Same day payment?
Dated: All beneficiaries receive funds to their bank account on the payment action date irrespective of where the bank account is held. Perfect for salary and wage payments. Same day: Funds will be available in the beneficiaries bank account the next day, value-dated for the (same day) payment date.
On which days can payments be made?
Dated: Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays. Same-day: Mon – Fri, excl. public holidays.
Does Netcash offer integrated payments with my software?
Netcash is integrated into various accounting, payroll and billing software. To view our existing integrated partners, click here. If you would like to become an integrated partner, click here.
How do I fund my Netcash account in order to process my payments to beneficiaries?
Simply pay your total payment batch value into your Netcash account by funding one of our clearing accounts held at major South African banks. If you’re an existing Netcash client, login to your account to see these account details, and choose the one suitable for your business. New to Netcash? Chat to us for more information.
How do I know my payments will reach my beneficiaries on payment date?
Netcash bank account validation service will prevent last-minute rejections at the bank. Our bank account verification services (AVS) ensures that you are making payment to the correct beneficiary by matching the bank account number to an ID number or company registration number.
Can I automate creditor payments?
Yes, depending on the software integration you are using, you are able to automate creditor payments. Chat to us for more information.
How do creditor payments differ from debit orders?
Creditor payments are outgoing funds from your business - this is when you owe a third-party funds. With creditor payments, you can pay businesses and individuals, on an ad-hoc or recurring basis. Debit orders are incoming funds for your business, sometimes referred to as a payment collection. Memberships and insurance premiums are examples of common debit orders, where a business collects funds on a recurring basis from its clients’ bank accounts. Debit orders require a mandate to be valid, whereas creditor payments are usually invoice-based.

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