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Risk Reports are vital to assess business risk. In just a few clicks, you can verify a new employee, client, or supplier, reducing financial and security risks to your business. Data is sourced from CIPC and multiple credit bureaus, providing you with accurate, secure information to make decisions.

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What are the benefits of Risk Reports?

Verifying the legitimacy of an individual or business upfront prevents a number of threats to your business. Netcash offers a number of comprehensive reports that provides you with data to make a qualified decision. 

Reduce risk

Bank account verification reports match a bank account number to an identity number (ID) or company registration number ensuring that you pay the correct party every time.

Know your employees

ID verification and consumer credit check reports will verify the information supplied on employment applications.


Avoid fraud

Avoid internal fraud. Use consumer credit check reports to verify the credit status of potential employees whose positions may involve managing money in their roles. 


Manage financial risk

Make informed decisions when dealing with customers and creditors using risk reporting services sourced from CIPC and multiple credit bureaus including Transunion, Experian, XDS, and Compuscan.

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Risk management for all industries

For a business to transfer their entire salary bill into a company’s account, they must be trustworthy. Given Netcash’s experience, history and endorsement by the major banks, I believe they are payment leaders in South Africa.

Natalie Pardenwachter – Head of Human Capital | Voys Telecom

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What risk reports does Netcash offer?
- ID verification - Bank account verification - Business linked to consumer report - Consumer credit check - CIPC business report (with principle clearance) - CIPC business report
What is the difference between bank account validation and bank account verification?
Validation – We use an algorithm to validate the bank account number, branch code and account type combination. Our system validates banking details on input to prevent rejections on the payment date. Verification – This service will verify the bank account information against the account holder’s ID number or company registration number to ensure that they match. This ensures that you are making payments or deductions against the correct account.
Should I ask permission to perform a credit check against an individual?
Yes, you require consent in order to run a credit check against an individual. This is required in order to protect the confidentiality of consumer credit information and to ensure it is only accessed as set out by the NCA.
Am I able to list my clients on credit bureaus using Netcash?
No, you would need to contact the credit bureaus directly.
Which bureaus does Netcash support?
We support TransUnion, Compuscan, Experian and XDS.

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