GreatSoft Payroll system

GreatSoft is an independent software company that specializes in practice management software. GreatSoft has heavily invested in developing an integrated CRM and payroll system, now known as GreatSoft Payroll which addresses the difficulties faced by payroll administrators daily. We have supplied solutions to Sole Practitioners, SME firms and major international firms and businesses with a track record of over 30 years of service and experience. As a result of sharing these experiences, their clients now have access to a variety of best practice initiatives. GreatSoft has a vision for Payroll and the need to integrate with other systems to drive collaboration and break data silos.

GreatSoft Payroll has partnered with Netcash to provide an additional service to their customers. The services are automated and secure. When you process a payment file, such as Month End salary payments or any Ad-hoc payments GreatSoft Payroll will push all relevant information such as employee personal banking with salary information, safely and securely into Netcash for further processing. Netcash will also provide direct feedback into GreatSoft if the payment file consists of any invalid details. This is then viewable directly in GreatSoft, allowing you to apply changes needed and pay your employee’s on time.

Key features

Load reporting

Once a salary batch has been sent to Netcash, Greatsoft payroll will display the Netcash load report detailing transactions sent and any that may have been rejected on load.

Direct integration

Payroll information is transferred directly from Greatsoft to Netcash, providing greater accuracy and less manual processing.

Automated process

Payment remittances can conveniently be sent when authorising your payment batch.

Safe and Secure

To enhance security, your payments can be locked to prevent editing after they have left payroll.

Option for 3rd party payment

Execute payments to third parties as a deduction on employee pay slips.

Integrated to:

Salary Payments

Software screenshots

The history of Greatsoft

The GreatSoft management team has an enviable track record backed by decades of experience and thought leadership in the sector. A 25-year product history with providing solutions for accounting firms ensures that our clients can invest and trust in a partnership built on substance, credibility and longevity. Trusted by many medium and large accounting firms, including three of the Big Four in Africa, our innovative and award-winning approach balances cutting edge cloud practice management solutions, with a rich heritage and proven credentials.

Benefits of using an integrated Payroll solution:

Save Time

By using bank account validation, you will avoid unnecessary last-minute rejections when processing payments. Have the peace of mind that all payments will be accepted by the banks on payday.

Extra Security

To ensure that your account is more secure, you are able to dictate the levels of access, the number of authorisers per payment batch, and use One Time Pins (OTPs) or 2 Factor authentication to authorise payments.

Greater Felxibility

With our Dated Payments service all your payroll payments reflect on the employees accounts on the same date at the same time, irrespective of where the bank account is held.

Be in control

Extensive reporting including statements, batch, and audit reports, as well as payment notifications, ensure you are kept in the loop of all payment aspects.

Increased Accuracy

Accuracy is of utmost importance when making payments, which is why we ensure that you pay the correct bank account every time by using our bank account verification service.