DigitalFlyer – Business marketing made easy.

DigitalFlyer® is not just a digital marketing platform or a business listing app. DigitalFlyer® created a digital marketplace for all businesses with the vision of making online tools and functionalities more accessible, more affordable and user-friendly for all businesses, while enabling community members to quickly and easily find a suitable service or product provider. Don’t just list your business – Expand your business today. FIND and be FOUND with DigitalFlyer®.

Seamlessly integrate your Netcash account to your DigitalFlyer profile to accept direct online payments from online sales – No extra fees other than Netcash fees.

Key features

Save time
You don’t need to be a marketing guru to promote and sell your products, goods and services.

Slick payment solution
Our seamless integration into Netcash eCommerce Gateway allows for easy payment with multiple payment options.

Save money
Marketing and sales tools or services can be very expensive. The cost per year is only R1,199.00, no other fees, even when you sell products, services or event tickets through our platform.

Additional functionality
Business webpage, eCommerce, appointment bookings and events modules, all from one platform.

Ease of use
For business owners and customers, an easy to use web and mobile platform. Integrated solutions to make selling and buying quick and easy. We offer a unique platform for businesses, bridging the gap between buyers and sellers anywhere in the world.

Integrated to:

eCommerce Gateway

Software screenshots

Digital Flyer Screenshot

The history of Digital Flyer

DigitalFlyer is the fastest growing online marketing platform in South Africa. We are a business directory – but so much more than that. We are a newly established company (2018) that aims to create and offer the most cost-effective online marketing solutions for business members to sell their products and services, with easy access for your customers. Our vision is to make it easy for users to FIND the business or service they are looking for, and for the business to BE FOUND effortlessly.

Benefits of using an integrated eCommerce solution:

More ways to pay

You have the ability to offer your clients multiple payment methods, increasing the likelihood of payment being made. 3D security and PCI compliance reduce both fraud and the chances of chargeback on card transactions.

Reduced abandoned carts

– Abandoned carts are a major concern for any eCommerce store and are largely due to customers feeling lost or unsafe. Our gateway is easy to use and completely secure, giving clients comfort when making payment.


Selling online is made simple because your Netcash account is already integrated into a number of free shopping cart plugins that can be downloaded from our website. We also support customised integration.

Get unsurpassed after-sale support

You will have a dedicated Payments Advisor for all your support needs. Should you require assistance, you always speak to the same person.