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ICS Flow offers an End-to-End Contact Center Solution for sales, customer service, debt collection and BPO. Our SAAS solution offers VOIP, CRM, Workflow, Billing, Debit Order Collection and Communications.

Our integration with Netcash has taken our solution to the next level. We offer Debit Order collections and Payment Requests via SMS and Email links. This benefits customers who need to receive immediate payments or make payment arrangements and allow our customers to have a complete view of their sales process – from sales to money in the bank. The integration with Netcash will allow increased revenue for customers using our software and an effortless way for customers to keep track of the ins and outs of their business. Enable easier and safer collection of money with ICS Flow and Netcash.

Key features

Manage your entire process effectively. The software allows users to view the entire process to reach targets and increase productivity in the workplace. For example, when payments are not received, tasks are automatically created for the user to follow up on the payment.

Create a database of your customers. ICS Flow gives you a complete view of your customer. From the initial request to Invoices raised and payments received.

Raise invoices and collect payments via Netcash Debit Order or Payment Request link. ICS Flow together with Netcash works great to collect monthly premiums from customers. You also have the option to collect payment commitments over a period of time (Promise to Pay).

Lead Management
API web services brings leads automatically into the queue for agents to call. This ensures that customers are called back in seconds and that no opportunity is missed. Call-Backs can also be scheduled.

Clear communication
All the communication (VOIP calls, Emails and SMS) you need can be viewed in one place. No extra apps or software. Call recordings are also stored on the task.

The drill-through dashboards on ICS Flow can be customised according to different roles such as agent, quality assurance or manager. This is a highly effective tool used by customers to identify any areas of concern. It also provides easy access to tasks.

Integrated to:

Debit Orders
Payment Request

Software screenshots

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The history of ICS Flow

ICS Flow – ONE solution for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Collections and BPO. Created by Inspired Change Solutions. Founded in 2002 with a focus on helping customers grow their businesses.

Benefits of using an integrated Billing solution:

Issue an invoice for easy online payment

Send your customers an invoice from your accounting software for immediate online payment. Many of the integrated solutions allow for invoices to have multiple Pay Now payment options on the footer, including a ‘click to pay’ button.

Offer multiple payment options

Make paying more convenient for your customers so that you get paid quicker. Payment options available include Instant EFT, Bank EFT, Credit Card, Visa Checkout, Cash Payments and QR using major wallets or banking apps.

Automated reconciliation

Easily reconcile your invoice payments to accounting software off a single Netcash statement. Save time, increase accuracy and eliminate the risk of misallocation.