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Sage Accounting – Supplier payments and billing solutions seamlessly integrated via Netcash.

Pay your suppliers and receive payments from your customers with one easily integrated Netcash solution.

Key features

Validate bank account numbers upfront to avoid last-minute rejected payments.

Hassle-free uploads
Seamlessly upload payment files to Netcash from within your accounting application.

Increased security
Lock payments so that they cannot be amended once uploaded.

Send proof of payment automatically when authorising payments.

Improve cashflow
Direct your client to the Customer Zone to select invoices for payment. Multiple payment options are available at the click of a button.

Integrated to:

Creditor Payments

Billing for invoices

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Creditor Payments

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The history of Sage

Like the business builders we serve, Sage began as a startup. Our founder David Goldman wanted to automate accounting processes in his own business. He worked with a team of Newcastle University students in the UK to develop software to make it happen and realised other businesses could benefit from this too.

Benefits of using an integrated Accounting solution:

Pay the right Creditor

Validate and verify creditor bank account numbers as you capture them in your accounting, billing or ERP software.

Convenient to pay

Upload payment files to Netcash directly from your integrated software.

Files are kept safe

Payment batches are sent directly to Netcash and not exposed on your computer where they might be compromised.

Protect you business

Avoid fraud and manage business risk with access to consumer and commercial credit checks and reports from multiple credit bureaus and CIPC.

Automated reconcilitation

The data provided with your payments allows for effortless, automated reconciliation off a single Netcash statement.