SOLIDitech – Supercharge your ISP

SOLID is an end-to-end Internet Service Provider (ISP) automation platform used by some of the best ISPs in South Africa. SOLID provides online sales, RADIUS services, fulfillment workflows, automated invoicing & collections and customer management – all in a single platform.

SOLID enables ISPs to instantly sell Fibre, Wireless and Support Services whilst eliminating manual bottlenecks, fast-tracking the sales-to-collections cycle. SOLID is fully integrated with Netcash’s debit order and Pay Now services. This means that with SOLID, you capture the order once and the integrated workflow engine ensures successful order fulfilment, service provisioning, invoicing and collection.

Key features

Billing and process management
Through our partnership with Netcash we have automated Billing and Invoicing

Payment options

  • Payment options available include Debit Order, Credit Card, Bank EFT, Instant EFT, Visa Checkout, Cash.
  • Payments and QR using major wallets or banking apps such as SnapScan, Zapper, Scan to Pay

Debit order mandate
A completed Debit Order Mandate is automatically generated and added to the customer’s account.

Invoice generation
Invoices are automatically generated based on your chosen branded template and created in SARS compliant PDF formats.

Automated Netcash statement reconciliations
All statement items will be automatically matched to your ledger account transactions, reducing the number of manual processes.

Email invoice delivery
Send invoices and payment reminders via email or through traditional mailings. This is configured on a per customer basis.

Email tracking via Everlytic plugin
Online Sales allow you to ditch the paperwork and offer your customers easy-to-navigate, 24-hour online sign-up.

WordPress plugin
Our online ‘Shopping Cart’ functionality is available as a WordPress Plugin.

Integrated to:

Debit Orders

Software screenshots

SOLIDitech Webpage landing screen

The history of SOLIDitech

Founded in 2001, SOLIDitech wanted to make sure ISPs were able to support a rapidly growing customer base with ever more complex services. Businesses were forced to use multiple separate and generic tools that were either cobbled together with clumsy and unreliable connectors, or that weren’t compatible with each other at all. This resulted in a lack of business visibility, inefficient processes and disconnected customer service.

This led 2 friends to create SOLID: A customised ISP billing and business operations platform that automates the full customer lifecycle from quoting through to automated service provisioning, collections and customer support.

Today, SOLIDitech is on a mission to ‘automate the admin’ – enabling ISPs to sell any service to their customers from anywhere in the world in record time.

Benefits of using an integrated Billing solution:

Issue an invoice for easy online payment

Send your customers an invoice from your accounting software for immediate online payment. Many of the integrated solutions allow for invoices to have multiple Pay Now payment options on the footer, including a ‘click to pay’ button.

Offer multiple payment options

Make paying more convenient for your customers so that you get paid quicker. Payment options available include Instant EFT, Bank EFT, Credit Card, Visa Checkout, Cash Payments and QR using major wallets or banking apps.

Automated reconciliation

Easily reconcile your invoice payments to accounting software off a single Netcash statement. Save time, increase accuracy and eliminate the risk of misallocation.