If you send invoices to the same customers on a regular basis, you know that chasing payments can be a real pain. uCollect can help automate that process by using debit orders and Pay Now. Automation ensures that you get paid on time, every time with no fuss. Integration with Xero accounting platform marks your invoices as paid speeding up your reconciliation.

5 Key Features

Accounting Integration
Deep integration with your Xero to identify invoices for collection and record payment.

Payment Button
Customers can make payment at the click of a button.

Debit Orders
Process Same-day or Two-day debit orders.

Installment Plans
Collect a single invoice over multiple pre-scheduled payments.

Netcash Statement
Your debit orders and Pay Now transactions will be on one statement, making reconciliation easier and faster.

The History

uCollect was created in 2016 to help Xero users automatically collect receivable invoices through pre-authorised bank or credit charges.

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