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Billdozer Contract Management is a subscription billing, debtors accounting and collections management platform that automates the process of invoicing, collecting, reconciling payments and managing arrears. Billdozer for Xero Accounting enables invoice-driven debit order collections and reconciliation. facilitates compliance with bank rules for debit order collection and legislation around customer data. It is an easy to use tool for billing and collecting money that saves time, maximises revenue and enhances your professional image. The platform is also fully integrated with Netcash’s debit order and Pay Now services to make billing and collecting money simpler.

Netcash users can automate debit order collections with Billdozer’s exclusive 2 month FREE trial.

Key Features

Invoicing and Debtor Accounting

Through Netcash’s Pay Now, invoices can be paid at a click of a button, speeding up payment.

Create once-off and recurring online invoices, receipts, debit and credit notes.

Manage sales staff.

Automatically send branded PDF invoices and statements.

Mobile-friendly bill presentment and payment.

Billing CRM

Manage clients, contact persons, telephone numbers, addresses, payment and mandate data.

Create notes and follow-up reminders for recurring billing.

Contract Management

Cancel and suspend contracts and auto-escalate prices annually.

Send contract/mandate PDFs to customers for them to sign.

Store mandates and other electronic documents under their client profile.

Payment Collection and Reconciliation

Automatic creation of Netcash Debit Order batches.

Automatic retrieval of Netcash statement, receipting and reconciliation, saving time.

Track expired credit cards.

Manage Subscriptions

Take your business online with the customisable Billdozer subscription page that enables sign up for your services.

Billdozer Netcash Partner

The History

Founded in 2013, Billdozer has enabled many entrepreneurs to automate and scale their subscription-model businesses and recurring billing systems. Billdozer is a certified integrator of Netcash (a registered PASA Systems Operator and Third Party Payments Provider) and a Xero Partner application.

Contact Billdozer

3rd Floor, 42 – 44 Dover House, Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001
+27 (0) 87 943 7173