Paycycle netcash partner integration

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Paycycle is a Xero integrated collections engine which automates your entire collections cycle, straight from Xero.

Our integration with Netcash allows customers to work directly in Xero and the colletions on invoices raised in Xero happens through Netcash automatically. We reconcile all payments against invoices and post the transactions back into Xero for you.

Key Features

Works straight from Xero
Our Xero and Netcash integration allows you to keep working within Xero while Paycycle takes care of the rest. You do not have to learn to work another system – it’s all beautifully integrated!

Automatically Manage Recurring Collections
Recurring collections runs automatically through Netcash’s Debit Order system without the need to manually submit a batch file ever again!

Automated Mandate Management
Set up and manage your customer mandates electronically.
Your customer can approve the amount or increase their limit from a notification email.

Customisable Collections Settings
You are in complete control of your collections and can choose to run it with simple, system based defaults, or choose exactly how you would like to structure your collections by customising your collections settings.

Automated Reconciliation and post back into Xero
We collect, recon and post back into Xero making sure the entire process is effortless.

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The History

Paycycle supports automated mandate management, to accurately collect fluctuating amounts and our advanced reconciliation integration with Xero, ensures the entire recon is taken care of accurately and efficiently. Paycycle is a hands-off automated collections enhancement to Xero and makes getting paid, effortless.

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