Splynx – Optize your business.

The main advantage of Splynx that differs it from other software frameworks is how the system can be customized – Splynx provides an easy way to create additional modules or to integrate it with 3rd-party software solutions. This can be achieved thanks to the system design. Splynx is a powerful set of modules and open application interfaces (API), that is why we call it a Framework.

Key features

Billing and invoicing

  • Instant payments are done through Netcash’s Pay Now option.
  • Netcash Debit Orders are automatically created and reconciled through Splynx, saving time.
  • Powerful invoicing and billing engine tailored to specific telecom’s needs that automates the financial customer relationship. Splynx manages transactions, invoices, payments, and proforma invoices with different types of billing – including Recurring and Prepaid payments. Integration with Sage One accounting makes your billing flow more effective.
  • Netcash Statement Integration, saving time reconciling transactions.

Bandwidth management

  • ISPs can manage and shape traffic data from the network within Splynx software.
  • The main features of Splynx bandwidth management include FUP management, CAP configuration, contentions, aggregations, queues for speed limitation, network monitoring, and network weather maps.

Radius server

  • The Splynx Radius server is used to perform administrative and customer’s AAA tasks. It is an easy-to-use administration and billing solution for MikroTik, Cisco, Ubiquiti, and other platforms.
  • The RADIUS server runs on Linux with advanced features to suit a company of any size.

Inventory management

  • There can be thousands of items in the stock list of a modern telecom company, and it is difficult to keep this list up to date without using special management software.
  • The inventory module in Splynx helps manage this task. It is optimised to support barcode scanners, so you can spend less time managing your inventory.

Customer portal

  • The customer portal lets ISPs collaborate better with clients.
  • Users can receive support and notifications, change plans, check usage or pay online using Netcash’s Payment Gateway. Our customer mobile app will bring your customer service to a new level.

Software screenshots

Splynx ISP billing software

The history of Splynx

SPLYNX is a powerful all-in-one solution tailormade for ISPs to handle BSS/OSS. Leading Internet providers that have hundreds or thousands of subscribers can easily integrate SPLYNX into their infrastructures to improve the network management, system configuration, billing, CRM, or radius server management. In 2019 SPLYNX is used by 400 ISPs and the number is counting.

Benefits of using an integrated Billing solution:

Issue an invoice for easy online payment

Send your customers an invoice from your accounting software for immediate online payment. Many of the integrated solutions allow for invoices to have multiple Pay Now payment options on the footer, including a ‘click to pay’ button.

Offer multiple payment options

Make paying more convenient for your customers so that you get paid quicker. Payment options available include Instant EFT, Bank EFT, Credit Card, Visa Checkout, Cash Payments and QR using major wallets or banking apps.

Automated reconciliation

Easily reconcile your invoice payments to accounting software off a single Netcash statement. Save time, increase accuracy and eliminate the risk of misallocation.