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Streamline, automate & professionalize your business.

In pursuit of active and healthy communities
By offering a comprehensive platform to automate and streamline all studio admin, we free trainers to do what they love, we help studio owners to run a seamless business and we let members tap into technology that enriches their fitness experience.

Netcash integration

Octiv is a All-In-One Fitness Studio Management platform designed to streamline, automate & professionalize any business in the fitness sector. We incorporate with Netcash Debit Orders for recurring monthly membership payments as well as PayNow for once off payments.

Key Features

Accounts & Billing

Automate billing and accept once-off and recurring payments through Netcash Debit Orders and Pay Now,

Comprehensive Invoicing & Payment

Octiv seamlessly integrates with Netcash Debit Orders and Pay Now to simplify your month-end. We help you balance the books, find what’s missing and catch up with what you might have missed.


Allow people to easily pay and book their drop-ins directly from your website through Pay Now.


Manage your inventory and allocate retail products to upcoming Netcash Debit Orders or request payments via Pay Now for non-members.

Mobile App

Members can easily and seamlessly book classes, check the workout of the day and log scores. They have the ability to log injuries, comment on fellow friends performances as well as view workout videos within the App. Members are also able to pay their monthly memberships, buy top-ups as well as purchase full packages through the app by using PayNow and NetCash Debit Orders.

All-In-One Fitness Studio Management platform

The History

The story of a rogue towel.
When a wet towel went rogue in (founder) Mark Fawzy’s gym bag in 2014, the soft pages of a workout logbook and six months’ worth of carefully logged workout information disintegrated into an indecipherable nothing. In a fit of frustration, the idea for Octiv (originally BoxChamp) was born and a workout tracking app was developed.

Today, this simple concept has come a long way and is making a big impact. The platform still helps members monitor and track their training, but it’s evolved into something much greater. It’s a powerful customer relationship management tool that ensures studio owners and trainers can keep doing what they do best – building communities and helping people stay fit, active and healthy. Octiv now supports hundreds of studios around the world. The Octiv team has grown from one man to an exceptional team of people, all passionate about helping fitness studios to thrive and grow.

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