Enable customer payments by means of subscription billing

What is Subscription billing

Using the Netcash eCommerce Gateway, you can give your customers the ability to subscribe to purchases of goods and services with an agreed payment frequency, duration and amount. This assists businesses to manage memberships or recurring purchases with ease.

How does it work?

  1. Upon checkout, customers will be prompted to complete the subscription payment details, alternatively the shopping cart can be prepopulated with the available subscription options i.e. frequency, duration and amount.
  2. Subscription parameters include:
    • Duration – days, weeks, months, or years.
    • Frequency – daily, weekly, monthly, annually.
    • Start date
    • Amount
  3. Customers enter their card details in our PCI compliant environment.
  4. Card details are encrypted, tokenised and the initial 3D Secure transaction is completed.
  5. The tokenised card details are automatically billed by Netcash when payments are due and proceeds credited to your Netcash account.
subscription billing

Changing payment details

Changing details of payment

Should the details of the subscription change, they can be edited on your Netcash account or you can do this electronically via API update.


How do I integrate it?

We provide technical specifications for your developer to integrate or alternatively you can download and install the Netcash/WooCommerce* shopping cart plugin.

*You will be required to sign up for the WooCommerce subscription module.

Benefits of Subscription billing

Improve customer retention

Improve customer retention through automated billing – clients don’t need to be reminded to pay.

multiple payment plans

Offer customers the flexibility of multiple payment plans for various products or services.

payments API

API updating: You are able to update, cancel and view subscription details – this is available through the recurring payments API or directly on your online Netcash account.

Secure card vault

Secure card vault – Cards are tokenised in a secure PCI-compliant environment.


Netcash credit card tokenisation allows you to bring a single-click payment feature to your online store. There is no need for customers to re-enter their card details if they had done so previously. After the initial transaction, Netcash will tokenise their credit card details for future use. Returning customers will be able to select the masked card and only be required to complete the 3D secure portion of the transaction. Not only is this convenient for your customers, but the payments process remains PCI compliant.


token step 1

Step 1

The customer enters their card details in our safe PCI compliant environment.
token step 2

Step 2

Card details are encrypted and saved as a token for future billing.
Token icon

Step 3

Tokens can be used to process credit card payments without customers needing to re-enter their card details.

Integration is done via the Netcash API. Get your developer to contact us and we will assist with the technical requirements.

Split Payments

Allows payments to be split immediately to third parties making referral, membership, reseller, commission and other payment arrangements easy to manage directly from your Netcash payment gateway.

How split payments work

step 1 icon

Step 1

Checkout and make payment using credit card, Scan-to-Pay, or Instant EFT payment methods.
step 2 icon

Step 2

The payment is processed and full value allocated to your Netcash account.
step 3 icon

Step 3

Funds are split according to the predetermined payment criterion and transfers are ready for you to authorise online to your client’s Netcash account.

Benefits of split payments

Take your business to the next level with Split Payments. There are unlimited business applications and financial benefits of Split Payments.

Flexible Split Payment criterion to suit most payment agreements.

Split amounts can be a percentage, a fixed amount or a combination of both.

Automation leads to improved accuracy and efficiencies.

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